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Outdoor furniture can turn any plain outdoors into a spot that is relaxing, attractive, and functional. For example, a bare deck can become inviting by placing outdoor chaises made by famous furniture manufacturers. The functionality and aesthetic appeal of a patio is also improved with the addition of wicker patio sets and swing chairs. When it comes to outdoor furniture made by Brown Jordan rank amongst the top choices for California property owners.

Brown Jordan has been manufacturing topnotch outdoor living furniture with exceptional design and builds quality. It uses only high-grade materials in building the frames of its furniture, which explains why it lasts incredibly longer than most furniture in the market. With recognized product lines such as the Tamiami lace collection, Quantum strap and sling collection, and the Florentine collection, you’re sure to avail the best-quality furniture available.

Taking Care of Your Brown Jordan Furniture

First-rate outdoor furniture pieces such as Brown Jordan are not cheap investments. They must be properly taken care of to enjoy their benefits for decades. And the simplest way to do this is to perform regular care and maintenance.

While Brown Jordan furniture pieces are all guaranteed to be top-quality, normal wear and tear and outdoor conditions may affect the appearance and strength of the furniture pieces. Fortunately, one can simply hire experts with proven knowledge of furniture maintenance like us at Diamond Hand-crafted Artistic Ironworks. We can do repair or refinishing works, depending on the condition of your furniture units. We have skilled crews who have done exceptional jobs repairing even badly damaged Brown Jordan furniture pieces. You can count on them to make your damaged furniture look like new again. We can provide you with samples of our past works so you can have a clear idea of our expertise and quality of work.

Brown Jordan Furniture Refinishing Specialists

One of our specialties is refinishing Brown Jordan furniture products so they will become more usable and presentable anew. Name it and we can surely work on it:

  • Acrylic mesh sling fabrics. Our crews will remove the old sling fabrics and put on better acrylic mesh sling fabrics. This will guarantee you durable furniture units that are also equally eye-catching.

  • Sunbrella cushions. We can replace the old fabric of your outdoor furniture pieces with high-quality Sunbrella cushions that are fashionable and sturdy.

  • Vinyl straps and vinyl lacing. If your Brown Jordan’s straps and lacing are already worn out, we can replace them with premium vinyl straps and lacing. You may choose from our many available designs to make the furniture pieces suit your design taste.

When doing refinishing works on Brown Jordan furniture frames, we use the sandblasting method to remove any existing corrosion, oxidation and rust. Additionally, we disassemble the various parts, such as tea carts, gliders, and swivels, before we powder coat them to keep their condition in top form. This meticulous process is performed by our skilled and trained crews using only top-quality materials and appropriate tools. Simply put, you’re guaranteed to enjoy decades of benefits from the furniture pieces that we will refinish for you.

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